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Residency Schedules

Put away the pencils, magnets... Help is a few clicks away!

AMiON simplifies complex resident schedules. Lay out rotations, clinics, and on-call duties. You'll save time and end up with fair, error-free schedules.

Don't be left short-staffed! AMiON delivers coverage for all services and clinics.

Watch our video demo. Learn about the AMiON Mobile App and secure messaging!
Feature Highlights ...
Block Scheduling
Call scheduling
Shift Scheduling
Clinic Scheduling
Special Requests
Team Reports & tallies
Find Staffing Problems
Go online at Amion.com
A few clicks send schedules to Amion.com where staff can:
Look up who's on call
Page/message someone
View personal calendars
Sync to calendars
Submit special requests
Swap shifts
The only choice ...
AMiON is a comprehensive scheduling tool for residents. It links to residency-management suites. And it's only $399/yr. Try the AMiON Desktop scheduler for FREE!


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