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Amion and EPIC

Send Amion schedule assignments to EPIC

The first step is to set up the roles in Epic. You'll need a team and role ID for each service you want Amion to populate. Then, log into amion.com with the enterprise admin password, and click the pencil icon at the top. Open the "Group information" drop-down and choose "Service IDs".

In "Service IDs for", enter "Epic" and hit Enter or the down-pointing blue arrow. For "ID Name", type "Team" and hit Enter. Click the blue + to create a 2nd field and name it Role. You can create a 3rd field and call it Note. That's optional but others are finding it handy to add brief notes that appear in Epic.

You can then choose a group on the left and enter Team and Role IDs.

The next step is to get Epic staff IDs into the schedule. Again, start with a few people for testing and once it works, you can enter more. There's also a way to import a text file with names, contact info and Epic IDs which Amion then matches against people in the schedules keeps in a special database.

To enter custom staff IDs into OnCall (the schedule editor), click the face icon, third from the top left for Work Preferences. Use the info box to choose the person you want and click the blue 'contact info' link to open a window where their ID can be added.


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