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TigerText for Secure Messaging

Amion offers secure messaging to cell phones via TigerText. TigerText is the digital equivalent to analog pagers from companies like USA Mobility and American Messaging.

Anyone can sign up for a free TigerText account. A Pro version lets groups and hospital IT departments configure and control messaging for all staff. In our testing, we've found messages get delivered immediately.

Staff will need to install the TigerText app on their smartphones. Messages then get delivered to the TigerText app. The app is available for Apple and Android devices.

To configure a provider to receive messages via TigerText, enter cell phone numbers in the Contact Info box. Click the pager icon to the right of the cell number and select "TigerText - free consumer version".

Set up secure messaging with Tigertext

Publish your schedule. In the on-call list at Amion you will see the yellow TigerText icon. Click this to send a secure message.


Contact TigerText at amion@tigertext.com to set up pro accounts for your providers. TigerText charges around $10 a month per phone.


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