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Reset OnCall


Locate the OnCall folder installed on the desktop. Typically on the C drive. Delete the "rs.inn" file. If that doesn't work, try deleting all file content within the OnCall folder.


  1. Open Finder (file browser). In the menubar, click the Go menu and choose Go to Folder.

  2. Copy and paste this folder location, ~/Library/Application Support. Then click Go.

  3. In the Application Support folder, find the folder named com.spiralsoftware.oncall_XXXXX (where the Xs are numbers).

  4. Drag the whole com.spiralsoftware.oncall folder to the trash. You can then close the Application Support folder.

  5. Relaunch OnCall. It should start up again completely reset, as a new install.

If you have any difficulty installing OnCall for a Mac, contact Raygan Kelly at raygan@amion.com or (888) 898-0779 ext. 6.


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