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Staffing link

A staffing link lets you populate a shift in your schedule with assignments from another schedule. You can create links between groups within an Enterprise display or schedules in other accounts.

In an Enterprise, for example, you may want to generate a call list taken from departments that provide coverage to the ER by pulling data from relevant lines in a number of specialty schedules. By using staffing links, you avoid having to transcribe assignments. Each department keeps its schedules up-to-date and their coverage feeds to other views through staffing links.

Add a staffing link:

    1. In OnCall, right-click on the shift name where you would like to link data from another schedule.

    2. Select Amion Staffing Link from the list options. Staffing Link window will appear.

    3. In the window, select a group from your Enterprise site in the upper drop-down box. Or type the staff password for a group that isn't associated with your schedule or hospital.

    4. In the lower drop-down selector box, select the shift to link in.

    5. By default, shift times and all days get pulled in from the linked shift. To use the hours you set or to link only days unstaffed, check the provided options below the 2nd drop-down selector box. You may also select the option to link in a group's full schedule when a linked in staff person is selected from the "Who's on" list.

    6. Red and blue small circles, will appear inside your shift row. Mouse over the circles to read details of the staffing link.

    7. Publish your schedule to Amion and assignments from the linked in shift will appear in the online view.

Remove a staffing link:

    1. Right-click on the shift name and select Amion staffing link.

    2. In the Staffing Link window, delete the group name or password from the upper drop-down selector box. The small circles in the row will disappear.

    3. Publish your schedule for the change to take effect.


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