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Cross-coverage setup

YouTube video guide

  1. In the block schedule, click on a service for which you would like to set up cross coverage.
  2. In the Infobox, click on the drop-down selector box labeled, "No x-cover." Choose, x-cover and then click on days to...
  3. In the Cross-cover box, select Setup. Select the services that will offer coverage and move them to the left text box. Select the services that will use coverage and move them to the right text box. Then click OK.
  4. The services selected for cross-cover will show different symbols in the Cross-cover box. Click on a block cell in the schedule for the date and resident you would like to schedule for cross coverage.
  5. Click on the cross-cover symbol-service from the list in the Cross-cover box. The symbol will appear in the rotation cell. If you do not see the symbol in the rotation cell, go to View in menu bar along the top and select cross-cover markers.

Use Cross-coverage in call schedule

  1. In the call schedule, right-click on a shift name on the far left column of the schedule for which you would like to apply cross-coverage. Select Show where people X-cover from from the menu options.
  2. Click on the assignment day to apply the cross-coverage. In the Infobox's icon toolbar along the top, make sure the Block-schedule snippet is on. If using call patterns, and you only want to apply coverage for a particular day, change the Infobox view to All staff.
  3. In the list of residents, select the resident that has the x-cover marker you need for the call row in the block-schedule snippet.
  4. At the bottom left corner of the call cell, displays the resident's service abbreviation he or she came from. You may change the abbreviation by right-clicking on the current abbreviation, and select Set covering-from abbrev.

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