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Download OnCall to a New Computer

If you are moving to a new computer or will share scheduling with another person, follow these steps:

1. Make note of your schedule's admin (publishing) password. If unsure of your password, locate it in the current OnCall by going to File / Publish to Amion. The password displays in top right corner. If sharing scheduling duties, share the password with the other scheduler.

If you have not published your schedule to Amion.com yet or do not plan to publish the schedule, instead, copy all the ".sch" files in the "OnCall" folder on the C: drive to a network drive or USB flash drive.

2. Install OnCall, Amion's desktop scheduler to the new computer. Follow instructions to download OnCall from Amion.com.

3. Open the new OnCall app on the desktop and select Open an existing schedule. At the bottom of the Open window, enter the schedule's admin password and click Open from Amion. The current published schedule will open.

If your schedule isn't published to Amion.com, in the Open window, select your ".sch" schedule file from the network drive or USB flash drive and click Open.


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