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Recovering from Missing Data Following August 2021 Server Issues

Our server outage has been resolved since Thursday, August 12th. But if you're seeing missing data from your schedule, it may have been effected by the outage. Here are a few steps to restore it:

  1. Make sure you're running an up to date version of OnCall. In OnCall, click Help in the menu bar, and choose About OnCall. You should see a build date that's at least in the last year. If you see a build date in 2019 or earlier, you'll need to update your software.

      To update OnCall, click Help in the menu bar, then select Update OnCall. This should download and install the update. If you get an error, or if after updating you don't see a build date in 2021, you are likely restricted from installing updates and will need to ask your IT folks to install the update for you. In the mean time, use OnCloud to continue.

      OnCloud is Amion's web-based version of OnCall and it's always up to date. Click here for information on how to edit your schedule with OnCloud.

  2. Open your schedule with either OnCall (2021 version) or OnCloud, and check to see if your schedule is still missing data or appearing correctly. If it still doesn't look right, access a backup version.

      In OnCall/OnCloud, go to File / "Open from backup folder", which appears at the bottom of the File menu. Ignore all files listed and instead, at the bottom-right corner click "Open from Amion". You'll get a list of available backups in a dialog box. The most recent backups appear at the bottom of the list. Select the most recent backup hyperlink date. (You may need to choose a backup from August 10th or earlier). Review the backup schedule.

      If the backup looks more complete or correct than your current schedule, publish it to Amion by clicking File / Publish to Amion. If not, review the next backup and so on until you find the schedule you want to publish to Amion.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience. This has been an unprecedented situation for Amion, and we are still working diligently to ensure everything is back to normal.

Check out our News post at for technical details and updates to our latest server issues. If you require further assistance, please reach out to


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