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Online Editing

Make simple assignment changes at Amion.com using any web browser or mobile device. All online changes flow automatically to your OnCall desktop scheduler. This is an excellent solution for backup schedulers, or primary schedulers who need to make simple assignment changes on the fly. Note that the OnCall program is still required for editing contact information and for adding new staff or services.

Video Tutorial


  1. Log in to Amion.com with your admin password. In the top-right, click the pencil icon, Pencil. Or, log in with your staff password and a space, followed by your admin password, as in "staffpwd adminpwd". If you don't remember your admin password, click here.

  2. From the Who's On screen, select the date you want to edit and then click on the name or shift time field to make an assignment, add a note or adjust shift times. Click Submit when done.


Updated assignments are tagged with light-blue arrows, oled_chg. The blue arrows appear in the online view only until the next time you open the schedule in OnCall and publish back to Amion.

Edit vacation and other off-schedule assignments on the away page .

In residency schedules, edit block and clinic assignments on the personal schedules page .


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