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Improvements to Online Special Requests

We've made a number of improvements to online special requests to make scheduling smoother for you and your team.

On the server side, we've improved reliability and syncing with a number of under-the-hood changes.

In OnCall, several useful features have been added for administrators:

  • OnCall can now import requests automatically when opening your schedule. To enable this, check the box in the Amion Requests section of the preferences.
  • OnCall can now flag new requests so they stand out from ones you imported earlier. Right click the Import Requests icon (the "Sunglasses dude" in the Work Preferences view) and check "Flag new requests."
  • The Import Requests icon turns yellow when requests are waiting to be imported, and green when OnCall is set to automatically import when opening the schedule.

Update OnCall to begin using these features. If you have any questions about online special requests, see our support article and video, or contact our support for assistance.


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