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Announcing AMiON Concierge

Would you like AMiON's expert team to design your schedule? Don't have time to implement AMiON's rules and automation? Welcome to AMiON Concierge, a quick-start service for building and optimizing attending-style schedules. Our implementation techs will design your schedule template and bring in data from schedules hosted elsewhere or at AMiON. We'll create rules, patterns and apply other advanced tools to help generate future schedules quickly and easily.

Your AMiON concierge will help choose the features best fit your group's needs. We will integrate messaging through our app or whatever service you prefer and configure online requests and shift swaps. You'll get a full-featured schedule, finely tuned for your practice.

Consider adding AMiON Concierge for a modest fee. The results will compare favorably to services that claim to automate scheduling but often fall short. AMiON with Concierge costs a fraction of other options and you and your staff will be very pleased with the results.

Learn more about Concierge - available now for new and current customers.


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